Milhouse on software, engineering, and Emacs.

My name is Renan Ranelli. I’m a {chemical,software} engineer, Emacs aficionado, sometimes gamer and permanently nerd.

In this space I will talk about software development and its contrast with industrial engineering projects (which I had the {dis,}pleasure of working for two and a half years after graduating). I also talk about the stuff I’m studying, the stuff I code in Emacs and other brain dumps.

I’m currently developing the next generation HR platform with Elixir & Erlang at Xerpa, after a long time working with Ruby at Locaweb. I also know Java, Lisp (Clojure and Emacs lisp), Javascript, a little of Scala, F#, Haskell and a bunch of C#. I Never touched PHP, and did almost no front-end work. I’m currently learning Elixir and I’m loving it!

During college I worked with advanced process control in a research group. There I had the opportunity to program in widely different environments, from machine programming (Ladder, grafcet, C) to solving high level simulation and optimization problems with non-trivial mathematical methods in {Mat,Sci}lab and Octave. I even had to code some of my code in Fortran for raw speed on number-crunching.

I’m a voracious reader. I keep up with my reading using goodreads. Here is my profile there. My goal this year is to read 16 technical books.

If you’re interested can get my CV here. (a version in portuguese is also available)