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Small hack to use Slack in Firefox with Keysnail

TL;DR: In this (very) brief post I describe how you can make your C-k binding in Keysnail play nice with Slack’s C-k.

If you use Keysnail you probably have your C-k key bound to comand.killLine to emulate Emacs’ default behaviour. The problem is that Slack binds C-k and C-t ^1 to the nice quick switch bar and it gives you no way of changing that.

In order to make Keysnail’s C-k work when editing text areas and recover the default behavior of Slack’s C-k, I was able to hack this small snippet which should be added to your .keysnail.js file:

// This fixes the issue where `C-k`
// does not work with slack out of global mode
key.setGlobalKey('C-k', function (ev) {

This event handler will get the div with id equal to quick_switcher_btn and issue a click event to it, which is the exact element you click to show the quick switch bar:


Ugly, but functional.

It’s the first time in my life where I was able to use Firefox’s developer tools to do something useful.

That’s it.

(1) Really?? A default binding to C-t? WTF people! Please, think of those who do not use OSX for a second…