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Retrospectiva 2016

TL;DR: Seguindo a dica do @pothix, nesse post eu vou falar sobre as palestras e sobre os principais acontecidos de 2016. Em resumo, 2016 foi o melhor e pior ano da minha vida. 2016 foi bizarro.

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Understanding Elixir's recompilation

EDIT: I’ve presented a much more up-to-date version of this blogpost in ElixirConf 2018; You can check it out here

TL;DR: Recently we at Xerpa became victims of a very annoying problem: Whenever we were to change a file in our Elixir project, we would be faced with the re-compilation of more than 200 files. After a lot of struggle, I’ve been able to solve this mess. This post explains why we had such problems and describes some of the hack techniques I’ve used to solve it.

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A guide to measuring your Elixir app

TL;DR: This post is a more thorough follow up to a talk I gave at the last “São Paulo’s Elixir Users Group” Meetup, which unfortunately I forgot to record. In this post I will describe how we collect and visualize metrics at Xerpa using InfluxDB, Elixometer, and Grafana.

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Próximas Miltalks

(To escrevendo esse aqui em pt-br porque obviamente não vai interessar ninguém da gringolândia)

Esse ano eu estou tendo a oportunidade de palestrar em vários lugares. Achei que essa “mamata” ia acabar quando eu entrasse na Xerpa por conta do ritmo “startup vida loka” mas acabou que isso não rolou (Valeu chefes, vcs são lindos).

Segue abaixo o calendário & descrição das próximas apresentações confirmadas.

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Overriding Kernel#raise in Ruby

TL;DR: If you’ve spent more than 16 seconds in the Ruby ecosystem you probably have heard that “everything in Ruby is an object” and “every operation is a method call”. In this post I will show how can you take advantage of this fact to help you debug things like, say, acceptance tests.

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My talk @ devinsantos2015 -- There is Life Beyond OOP

TL;DR: The talk I gave last November @ DevInSantos was just released. See the link to the video & slides below

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Building a repository cloner with Bash

TL;DR: In another entry of the “you shouldn’t use Bash for that” series we will build a script to discover & clone all of your Github repositories. We will use the concurrent thread process pool we developed in a previous post

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